Distinguished Lectures

15 Sep 2017 Convex Optimization
Prof. Stephen P. Boyd
Stanford University
7 Oct 2013 The Genesis of Coding Theory
Dr. Daniel J. Costello, Jr.
University of Notre Dame
17 Sep 2013 Games, Privacy and Distributed Inference for the Smart Grid
Professor H. Vincent POOR
Princeton University
14 Dec 2012 The Science of Information : From Communication to DNA Sequencing
Prof. David TSE
University of California at Berkeley
2 Mar 2012 Multipath Routing and Congestion Control
Prof. Frank KELLY
University of Cambridge
2 Mar 2012 Secure Multiparty Computation and Percolation Theory
Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih YAO
Tsinghua University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2 Mar 2012 Cognitive Radio & Networks in Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) and High Speed Rail (HSR) Applications: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. T. Russell HSING
Telematics and Machine-to-Machine Communications Research Department, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
6 Jul 2011 Dirty Paper Coding and Distributed Source Coding - Dual Views of Combined Source and Channel Coding
Prof. Max H. M. COSTA
University of Campinas, Brazil
23 Feb 2011 Recent Results for Stochastic Models with Long-range Dependence and Heavy Tails
University of California Berkeley
16 Nov 2010 Intelligence at the Edge: The Evolution of IP Communications
Dr. Fred BAKER
Cisco Systems Inc.