LDPC for SSD – From Theory to Practice

Dr. WU Yingquan
Tenafe Inc., USA
Hosted by Department of Information Engineering, CUHK
Friday, 15 July, 2022

This talk provides a comprehensive overview of LDPC codec for SSD.  It involves optimization and trade off across multiple fields, including water-fall performance, error floor tolerance, encoder architecture, complexity, and throughput, and decoder architecture, complexity, and throughput (further including early of life and end of life). 


Dr. Wu has over 40 patents granted with the USPTO and published over 20 journal papers, ranging across the wide range of pattern recognition, neural networks, VLSI systems, digital signal processing, coding theory and practice, data compression and deduplication, and computational algebra, etc.  In May 2013, Dr. Wu and his long-time partner, Mike Lee, co-founded Tidal Systems Inc., to develop next generation, PCIe3x4, solid-state-drive (SSD) controller, by riding on the immense transition wave from SATA to PCIe.  Tidal was acquired by Micron for nearly $200M in Oct 2015.  Currently, Dr. Wu is the chief scientist of Tenafe Inc.