The 2013 IEEE Taiwan/Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Information Theory and Communications

2013 IEEE Taiwan/Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Information Theory and Communications

19th - 20th January, 2013
Lecture Theatre 1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


IEEE Information Theory Society

Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



General Co-Chairs

Guangyue Han

Wen-Rong Wu

Program Co-Chairs

Chee Wei Tan

Ying Li


Kam Tim Woo


Sidharth Jaggi


Chandra Nair

Local Arrangement

Alfred Ho


Wai Ho Mow

Ping Li

Mao-Chao Lin

Chi-chao Chao


Workshop Announcement

The 2013 IEEE Taiwan/Hong Kong Joint Workshop on Information Theory and Communications will be held at Lecture Theatre 1, Cheng Yu Tung Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, on 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday), January 2013. The workshop is to promote information exchange between the researchers in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the fields of information theory and communications. The workshop is co-sponsored by the Institute of Network Coding , IEEE ITSoc, the Hong Kong Chapter and Taipei Chapter, K. C. Wong Education Foundation, and IEEE ComSoc, the Hong Kong Chapter, Taipei Chapter, and Tainan Chapter.


Poster presentations of recent research results are solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Shannon theory
  • coding and modulation technology
  • communication networks and systems
  • network coding
  • cryptography and source coding
  • signal processing

For poster presentations, please contact the General Co-chair Guangyue Han by 1st December 2012. The notification and the acceptance letter will be ready by 9th December 2012.

Please include the titles and abstracts in the messages.

Each abstract should be limited to one page in standard IEEE conference format and the size of poster is limited in A2.

Here is a List of Posters for oral presentation during the Poster Section. For a pdf version of the list without abstracts, click here.


Program Information

The presentations in the workshop will be given by invited speakers only but all are welcome to join the workshop. The workshop will be focused on the recent progress in information theory and communication systems, in particular, Shannon theory, coding and modulation technology, communication networks, cryptography, source coding and signal processing. A number of high quality presentations are expected this year. The following talks were confirmed so far.


19th January, 2013 (Saturday)
1:00 PM
Chinese University of Hong Kong
1:45 PM
Opening Ceremony
2:00 PM
Unequal Error Protection QC-LDPC Codes [Slides] Chi-chao Chao NTHU
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2:30 PM
On the Capacity of Multiuser Distributed Antenna Systems [Slides] Lin Dai CityU
3:00 PM
On Precoder Design for MIMO Interference Channels [Slides] Chia-Chi Huang YZU
3:30 PM
Randomized Channel Access Reduces Network Local Delay [Slides] Wenyi Zhang USTC
4:00 PM
Tea Break/Poster Section
4:30 PM
Towards a Unified Characterization of MIMO Mutual Information: A Painleve Based Approach [Slides] Matthew McKay HKUST
Chinese University of Hong Kong
5:00 PM
Advances in OFDM Peak Power Control [Slides] Scott C. H. Huang NTHU
5:30 PM
Decentralized Power Control for Random Access with Successive Interference Cancellation [Slides] Ping Li CityU
6:00 PM
Connections Between Fading Channel Coding and Analytic Number Theory [Slides] Francis H. F. Lu NCTU
6:30 PM
20th January, 2013 (Sunday)
9:00 AM
Optimal Network Coding and Matroid [Slides] Shuo-Yen Robert Li CUHK
Chinese University of Hong Kong
10:00 AM
The Additive Inverse Gaussian Noise Channel: an Attempt on Modeling Molecular Communication [Slides] Stefan Moser NCTU
10:30 AM
On Third-order Asymptotics for Discrete Memoryless Channels [Slides] Vincent Y. F. Tan I2R/NUS
11:00 AM
Tea Break
11:30 AM
Polarization and Polar Codes [Slides] Emre Telatar EPFL
Chinese University of Hong Kong
12:30 PM
Workshop Close
1:00 PM


Registration Information

Full Registration Fee: HK$700
Student Registration Fee: HK$350 (no banquet included)

The registration will include 1 lunch and 1 banquet (for full registartion only). Extra banquet tickets are available at HK$350/person.

Registration fee can be paid on-site at the workshop registration desk.

The on line registration is valid before 21th December, 2012.

Please contact directly the corresponding General Co-chair with the details of the arrangement.


Accommodation Information

The location is tentatively held at CUHK, and the rate is valid before 19th January, 2013


Travel Information

  • Participants going to Hyatt Regency Hotel can consider the following travel route:
  • Take bus A41 at the Airport to Shatin New Town Plaza, then take MRT to university stations. The bus fare is HK$22.3 per person. It departs every 25 min at the Airport Bus Terminus, and the journey takes approx. one hour. Subsequent interchange with MTR rail or taxi would be required. The MTR ride from Sha Tin station to University station would take about 10 min and costs HK$4 per person. Taxi ride from Sha Tin to the Hyatt Regency hotel directly would cost around HK$60 to HK$80 per car (max 5 persons each), depending on the traffic.

  • Participants going to Royal Park Hotel can consider the following travel route:
  • This is a really convenient option; there are places to stow your luggage as well. Take bus number A41 from the Airport. The bus fare is HK$22.3 per person. It departs every 25 min. You have to get off at the second stop, after about 35-40 mins. The first one is at Lantau Link Toll Plaza and the second one (after a long time) is at Sha Tin New Town Plaza. Royal Park is located connected to the plaza. Once you get off here, take the luggage up the escalator in the bus stop (a very narrow one) to inside the Shopping Mall. From there it is a few minutes walk inside the mall to the hotel.

You need to get tickets for bus beforehand. To get to the bus stops in the airport, follow the signs from the departure area. You will be walking a long down slope stretch to outside the air-conditioned area. Once you get outside, you will see the bus stops. At this point the ticket booths are to your left (you need to be looking for this). The stop of A41 is also to your left. The ticket price will be around 20 HK$. There is a map of the bus stop locations just before you exit the air-conditioned downhill stretch. On the other hand, since you may be using the subway frequently; you may also consider purchasing an octopus card from the train station in the airport. They will charge 150 HK$ for this, 100 (value) and 50 (deposit). You can then walk directly to bus stops, and the A41 stop (all are very close). If you do this, you can use this card to pay for your bus and train without needing to bother for tickets (as usual in most countries). When leaving Hong Kong, you can return the card at HK airport train station. They will return all the remaining money (including deposit) in the card, save for HK$ 9 (handling fee).


CUHK Canteen and Restaurant

There are over 10 eating places on campus. The two nearest ones are the canteen in the Choh-Ming Li Building and the restaurant complex in Benjamin Franklin Centre. Please refer to the campus map for their locations.


Business hours

Canteen in Choh-Ming Li Building 07:45 - 18:00, Monday to Saturday
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